Live Audio Streaming

Listening to Tidmarsh Brian monitors and adjusts the audio streaming from cell 3.

Sound is a very rich medium that both contains a huge amount of information and conveys a strong sense of presence. The sound of Tidmarsh gives the listener a good idea of the overall health of the site, as animal activity is quite apparent. The sound might also tell the listener whether it is windy or raining, or if there is construction work going on.

We've installed several live audio streams at Tidmarsh. The streams can be heard both online and in virtual Tidmarsh.

At cell 3, audio streams from a dedicated audio node with its own solar panel (pictured at right). It uses an Intel Edison board and a USB audio interface to stream two channels of audio via the wi-fi network. The solar panel recharges an 18 amp-hour battery that will provide a couple of days of runtime without sunlight. This node was initially installed in cell 3, but has moved up on the hill temporarily during construction.

At the impoundment, two channels of audio are streamed via a Mac mini and USB audio interface over the fiber optic network. Since this site has both wired power and network, we are planning to expand the number of microphones in the near future.

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